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Car Hire in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Puerto Pollensa Beach in Mallorca

Gesman Car Rental offer car hire in Mallorca at the following locations:

For great Mallorca car hire deals start making your reservation on the car hire reservation page.

For information about other car hire locations in the Balearic Islands, see the Balearic Islands car hire page.

About Mallorca

The best way to get around Mallorca and enjoy it all is by car hire. Mallorca, also known as Majorca, has the second highest population of all the islands of Spain. With an area of 3,640 km² there is plenty to see and do, from fantastic beaches to high class restaurants. On this page we've outlined some things to look out for on your trip to Mallorca.

There is a lot more to Mallorca than its incredible beaches. Palma is the islands capital and is doused in history and beauty and is a must see for your trip. Entertainment is not scarce and neither are quality restaurants, with tastes from all over the globe you will be more than satisfied with what Palma has to offer.

To the north west of the island is the mountain range named Serra de Tramuntana, boasting olive groves, pine forests and a spectacularly attractive coastline. Over to the north east lies Cap de Formentor which offers superb views of the natural coastline and pleasant walks.

For a real treat, take your hire car to the truly beautiful setting of Puerto Pollensa with its wonderful scenery, beautiful sandy beaches and of course the typical relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This bay really is a favourite to all visitors to the island who return to this spot each visit.

Places to see in Mallorca

Bellver Castle: This gothic style castle is a very famous point of interest in Palma. It is a very unique castle being one of the few circular castles in Europe! It was constructed between 1300 and 1310. The arches and decorations throughout the castle will astound any visitor and is well worth a visit.

Address: C/ Camilo Jose Cela, s/n C.P. 07015 Palma de Mallorca

Tel.: + 34 971 730 657

La Lonja in Palma Mallorca

La Lonja (La Llotja): Elegantly sitting on Palma's glorious seafront is this outstanding example of gothic architecture. Completed in the year 1452, its design continues the tradition of the Catalan Gothic. Today, this building now hosts various art and cultural exhibitions.

Address: Plaza La Lonja - Paseo Sagrera s/n, Palma's seafront, next to the Cathedral.

Tel.: +34 971 711 705

Coves De Campanet: These coves are a spectacular sight offering a variety of different rock formations in various sizes and colours. The caves were discovered by accident in 1945 during a search for water sources in the area, after realising just how amazing the formations were, further excavation was undertaken and today the attraction is open to the public. To get to these caves you will have to jump in your car and travel 40 km north east of Palma, very close to Inca. Despite the journey (and the entrance fee), this attraction is worth the effort and comes recommended from every type of tourist.

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (off-season), 10am - 7pm (on-season)

Things to do in Mallorca

Traditionally Spain is host to some of the most spectacular "fiestas" known to Europe. Mallorca celebrates these along with the mainland but also has some of its own! These fiestas take place in the villages and streets and comprise of parades, fancy dress, bonfire jumping, food stalls, bull running, music concerts and much much more!

Try and arrange your holiday to coincide with one of these awe-inspiring events to get a taste of real Spain and Mallorcan tradition.

Without a doubt, Mallorca car hire is the only way to truly enjoy everything that Mallorca has to offer its visitors.

Restaurants in Mallorca

Es Baluard

Restaurant Baluard arises from a dream and a passion for the cuisine of its chef, Joan Torrens He is considered a pioneer and one of the leading exponents of what is now considered the "nova cuina Mallorca".

Es Guix

Restaurant Es Guix, has a terrace built on rocks where the silence is broken only by the noise of the birds. The natural lake surrounded by trees complete the unique landscape. It is one of the few sites that are cited in the restaurant guides of major European Mallorca as a unique treasure on the island close to Lluc.

Cala Sant Vicens

Cala Sant Vicens restaurant brings you excellent cuisine and service with an extensive menu of freshley prepared dishes.

Moli d'en Pau

An exquisitely decorated and original restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and a well preserved natural environment, complemented by a patio where the feeling of wellbeing is assured.

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