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About Us

In the car rental industry, it is difficult compared with Hertz. We are the largest car rental brand commonly used in the world. We operate at the main airports and cities in Europe, either as a corporation or as a local franchise.

The car rental industry is highly competitive, in a sector which is crucial the right combination of factors that enable boost the success and sustainability of a business: management, vision, brand presence and absolute commitment to service quality.

Established in the US in 1918 and operating in 145 countries worldwide, Hertz is the only car rental brand with a presence on six continents, earning its global credentials. Today, Hertz remains a respected and easily recognizable brand.

Like every company, we have faced many challenges that have served to develop a vision to innovative future, aimed to reaffirm our status as one of the leading car rental segment.

PROA Grup has the exclusive license from Hertz for the Balearic Islands and from 2014 to the Canary Islands. The staff is formed by experienced people managing a large fleet of vehicles spread over the two archipelagoes team.

With an experience of over 80 years, Hertz offers a high quality service.

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